I . Membership:
Members of the AIB who select the AIB-US West as their chapter of primary affiliation may affiliate with other regional Chapters of the Academy, but they may vote in only one chapter in any year.

2. Meetings
Business Meetings: The place of each business meeting shall be announced at least in the program of the AIB-US West’s Annual Meeting.
Special Meetings: Special meetings in addition to the Annual business meeting provided for in the constitution may be called by the Chapter Executive Committee. Notice of the time, place, and agenda of such special meetings shall be given to the members by mail.

3. Duties of Chapter Officers
Chair.  Duties of the Chair include the following: preside at all meetings of the AIB-US West; appoint and instruct all committees; provide administrative direction of the Chapter; and supervise the functions of the other offices. The chair must submit, through the AIB Vice President of Administration, an annual budget for the AIB Executive Board approval, no later than three weeks prior to the AIB Annual Meeting. The budget should preferably include an anticipated surplus. The Chair must submit a written annual report of the Chapter’s activities to the AIB Executive Secretary, no later than three weeks prior to the AIB Annual Meeting. The Chair, or their duly elected representative, shall serve as the AIB-US West representative on the Chapter Coordination Committee of the AIB.

Treasurer. Duties of the Treasurer include the following: maintain the accounts of the Chapter; collect funds, donations, registration fees; make payments for the necessary activities of the Chapter such as annual luncheon, printing, and other necessary administrative expenses as determined by the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Chapter. The Treasurer shall also prepare all financial reports for the membership, and if necessary, for auditors. He or she is responsible for maintaining a bank account in the name of the Chapter (wherever he/she resides) and being in regular communication with the officers of the Chapter about financial conditions of the Chapter.

Conference Program Chair: Duties of the Conference Program Chair include the following: organize the annual conference of the AIB-US West; create and disseminate the conference Call for Papers; supervise the receipt and review of conference papers; accept or reject papers submitted to the conference; create the conference program; assist in the scheduling of session rooms and making local arrangements for the program; publish the conference proceedings; and generally chair the conference.

Membership Director.  Duties of the Membership Director include the following: manage the recruitment of new members of the Chapter; manage the annual membership Chapter renewal drive; process new and renewing member applications; and maintain accurate member records.

Sponsorship Director.  Duties of the Sponsorship Director include the following: work to attract and maintain sponsorship gifts, from companies, academic institutions, or other entities; and report to, and work with, the Treasurer to manage funds that result from sponsorships.

4. Committees
The Chapter Executive Committee shall form certain standing committees such as Program Committee, Nomination Committee, and Membership Committee whenever needed. The Chair shall be an ex-officio member of all such committees and may delegate responsibilities to others. The Executive Committee may appoint any member of the AIB-US West to serve on any specific standing committee. The terms of office for members of the standing committee shall be determined by the Executive Committee.

5. Fiscal Year
The fiscal year shall coincide with that of the parent organization the AIB.